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Synthetic Teak

Synthetic teak, also known as faux teak wood, is a low maintenance and durable alternative to natural teak. Synthetic teak is versatile and stylish, offering an upscale feel for venues ranging from urban to rustic. Synthetic teak comes in an array of faux teak finishes: brown, tan, black, gray, and various other colors.


A favorite material for the outdoor industry for many years, modern aluminum is strong and offered in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles. The sturdy material is powder coated to look good for a long time and the aluminum furniture adapts well to virtually any exterior environment.

Natural Teak

Natural teak is real wood harvested sustainably from the forrest. The hard wood is very durable and comfortable and offers an earthy feel to make guests feel at home in natural spaces as well as trendy locales. 


Resin is a derivative of plastic engineered for high performance and use by patrons and exposure to the outdoor elements. Resin is affordable and stylish and offered in many variations. 

Wicker Weave

The style of the synthetic wicker weave sofas, love seats, and arm chairs pair the timeless look of a weave with modern modular sectionals to create a function and comfortable space. The modular design allows for numerous configurations and setups.

Commercial Steel

Commercial steel is one of the most durable and economic materials. There are numerous designs that offer simple elegance in standard powder-coated colors in silver, black, and several other colorful options. 

Laminate Composite

For table tops, there are multiple options for high-performance outdoor laminate table tops. The tops come in many shapes and dimensions and are offered in a myriad of finishes that include solid colors to textures to faux wood or stone. 

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