Thank you for being here! Our distinction is that we are not a transactional web site but a relational one…behind Restaurant Furniture 1-2-3 is a team of people who are invested in the success of their clients, and it is evidenced by our level of service. 

We’ve been working hard to curate a selection of high-quality commercial furniture products and accessories for hotels and restaurants. Over that time we have worked diligently to build strong relationships with manufacturers across the globe and earn the trust and respect of thousands of restaurants, hotels, country clubs, condos, and other establishments across North America. We represent manufacturers who take pride in their work and who stand behind their products. Similarly, our clients appreciate having the ability to speak directly with a U.S.-based expert in procuring the best products to match their style, budget, and lead times. Each client is provided a furniture expert to guide them through the selection process and ensure that the products are received on time and in brand new condition.

Our value proposition is to remove the time and pain from the process of finding high quality commercial contract furniture at fair prices and have them delivered to you in new condition. If you value honesty, integrity, and great service then you’ll love Restaurant Furniture 1-2-3.